As a measure of the dork-status of this blog, I recently started taking two courses on climate change, both of which are available via webcast. You’ll have to email the professors to ask for the syllabi, but they’re very nice about providing them. Both of the courses were taught at UC Berkeley, the first in Geography and the other in ERG.

The first is Nathan Sayre’s 2007 GLOBAL WARMING. He taught a 2009 version of the course with John Chiang, but the earlier course is more ambitious & more detailed. Unfortunately only audio is available.

The second is John Harte’s QUANTITATIVE ASPECTS OF GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS. As you can guess, it doesn’t only only deal with climate change but other things as well. It’s a core intro course for the Energy and Resources Group at Berkeley, Dan Kammen’s department and a key player in much of the policy debate on climate change in the US.