Sorry for not posting much the past 2 months! I’ve been busy moving and settling into my new postdoc position with the Climate Justice Research Project, which has been so far a lot of work and a lot of fun: much more to come about that in the near future.

However, in the meantime I wanted to put this link up somewhere on the web. The UNEP recently released a compendium of major climate science studies for 2009, but the pdf download from their web site has been turned off. The report has proven controversial among the skeptics especially because it offers an interpretation of those findings rather than a simple listing of them as in the format of the WRI report I posted about earlier. Of course climate scientists have been conservative in their prognostication in order to forestall accusations of playing the doomsayer. Now that it’s apparent the IPCC systematically underestimated future risks, those left to point this out are somehow still being challenged for blowing things out of proportion. If your a skeptic, all the better if it’s the UN.

(The NY Times reported this week on the woeful financing of mitigation and adaptation measures through the UNFCCC. Climate change impacts are steeply regressive, and these financing proposals are meant to offset those actual costs. Why do some Americans feel that other people – much poorer ones at that – should pay their way on this Earth? I wanted to write to say, hey, why not let the UN levy taxes? Let’s make the UN into a real government both so it can get its act together and so it can deal directly with the people who feel it is fundamentally illegitimate.  – But you can tell I’m not feeling particularly patient at the moment…)

At any rate, the UNEP report is still available from the COP-15 website, and I can certainly send it to anyone who asks.