When I went off on the NY Times a few days ago for getting their numbers wrong, I suppose I should have been looking harder at my own figures. WRI reports that 2005 emissions were 44,153 million metric tons, which is less than twice the NY Times’ figure. The comparison is not (as I claimed) 50 cents to 1000 dollars, but 500 to 1000.

My other recent quantification gaff was for today’s NYT article by Andrew Revkin, who cited an agreement by the G-8 to keep temperatures below a 2-degree Farenheit increase over current temperatures. But the original agreement, as I remembered from the original reports, was a limit of 2-degrees Celsius. I shot Andrew an email and he gracefully replied to point out that the Celsius figure was for a 2-degree change over pre-industrial levels, which translated into about a 2-degree F change over current levels.