Climate Action Now, the huge network of 450 mainstream mostly US NGOs, throws a massive party each year – of all places this year it was held at Senor Frogs, which caters well to gringo tourists and their drunken imagination of what a good time entails (think mass jello shots on the dance floor, smoke machines). Well, Senor Frogs puts on a good show, and at one point they passed out candles and got everyone into a groupthink sing-a-long to Bohemian Rhapsody, with all the candles alight and videos of scenes from the UN conference playing on the big projector screens.

I have total admiration of Freddie Mercury! This was bizarre, but it was the finale that blew me away: The Frog staff carried big CO2 smoke canisters into the packed dance floor and as Freddie crescendo’ed they blasted the wild crowd of several thousand climate activists with a couple hundred kilos of carbon dioxide.